What is World.Aero?

World.Aero is a Community Website for the Aviation Industry, with it’s main focus set on the flight crew,
Cabin Crew and Cockpit.
Life for a flight crew is mostly away from home, therefore flight crew seek good places to go while away. Recommendations from others is a key factor in getting around and knowing where to go and what to visit during a layover.
World.Aero combines recommendations with a Map. All recommendations are done by adding locations to the Community Map. Adding locations is limited to registered members only. Members have also a Discussion Board where Questions can be raised to any topic you wish to discuss about with others from the Community.
These are the categories we use:

The website detects your present location, please allow us, it makes it easier to show you what’s around you. We do not store your location or track you in any way, more information about your privacy can be found here.
We use Bart to show your location ( only visible to you ).
This is you:
Try using street view on our map, it´s a great tool help you find your way around a new destination. It´s also a good tool to find your location before actually being there. This helps you organize your layover better. Below are some pictures of location as seen using world.aero.
Look for this logo on the map.
Drag and Drop it anywhere on the map. Locations that are in streetview will be highlited in blue.
See here: